Using our service

  • Unlike ridesharing or taking a taxi, we don’t have drivers. This means that placing your trust in a driver that may or may not have been police-checked is bypassed altogether.
  • Payment is prossed using PCI-compliant methods, and all data is encrypted using bank-level security. We partner with Stripe to ensure no sensitive payment information is accessible, even by us.

Our cars

  • We maintain the cars, so you don’t have to. Regular maintenance is performed as recommended through the vehicle manufacturers handbook.
  • All of our cars come standard packed with safety features including:
    • Active cruise control (detection of vehicles in front, lane markings and speed limits)
    • Forward collision avoidance system
    • Lane-keeping
    • Speed limit warning
    • Reverse camera

Information is subject to change and is based on the capability of each model.

Refer to the manufacturer for more information.

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