Full launch of Australia’s first A to B carsharing on the Gold Coast.

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RIIDE is excited to announce the launch of our Android app, a full launch that will give access to Australia’s first free-floating carsharing to the Gold Coast. The official launch date for the app is 21st Feb 2022.

RIIDE believes that the product will change how Gold Coasters travel, with results in other countries seeing remarkable results. The full launch – which expands on the currently functioning iOS app, will allow anyone over 21 to sign up for free and have access to a fleet of brand new hybrid cars which are able to be dropped off in massive zones across the city. It allows the luxury of your personal vehicle, with the convenience of a public platform.

The benefits of Carsharing in general, allow users to be able to share their car which is not being used, for example, whilst at work or home, by someone else. The cost of tyres, maintenance, fuel, insurance, parking and financing for your own car quickly adds up. And all this cost for a car that stays parked for 95% of its lifetime. This solution goes even further with cities quickly becoming overcome by growing parking demands in city centres.

The benefits extend to the environment too, as the Queensland average petrol usage is 11.6L/100km for passenger vehicles. Whilst all RIIDE cars are all hybrids, such as for the Corolla Sedan, drop the combined petrol usage to 3.6L/100km, a really significant difference.

Australian Bureau of Statistics © 2020 Commonwealth of Australia.

This is really a revolutionary solution for transport in Australia that will help guide the way for smarter and more environmentally-friendly infrastructure.

Ricards Staks, Chief Executive Officer

How it works

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How it works – Source: RIIDE website

RIIDE works by allowing customers to reserve a vehicle, use your phone to unlock it, turn the engine on and then park it in zones across the city. Everything is done contact-free using your phone, which provides access to cars 24/7 at a rate about half the price of ride-sharing with no surcharges.

RIIDE is Gold Coast’s first A to B / free-floating car share and offers an all-inclusive, affordable, and sustainable service with cars located around the Gold Coast, ready for you to drive and drop off at popular destinations around the city — paid by the minute. Use your phone as the keys and drop off across zones on the coast.

Note the difference between ride-sharing and car-sharing. RIIDE offers a carsharing service that allows cars to be shared. All cars provided by RIIDE are owned by RIIDE and are hybrid.

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Contact Information: Ricards Staks, [email protected].

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